Lost CREDIT_CARD_PROCESSING capability on location

Recently we were not able to process online donations anymore via our wordpress plugin GiveWP. When I looked into it further, there was no locations on our account listed as having the CREDIT_CARD_PROCESSING capability. As far as I’m aware, we’ve made no changes on our end. We have gone through the entire verification process and were successfully accepting donations until Feb. 28. The location ID I’m referring to is L0Y75JCZMKT84. We were able to successfully accept online payments until Feb 28th. All donations after that date have failed.

Have you reached out to our Customer Success team about this? Also if you all the sudden aren’t able to process payments you should have received an email from us. If so you’ll want to reply to that email. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square thanks for the reply. I reached out to customer support, but they were no help on the matter. I spoke to ur team, an no one has received any communication from Square indicating that our ability to process credit cards online has been revoked.

@Bryan-Square Just wondering if there’s any help we can get with this? We currently cannot process online payments which is causing a lot of issues.