Account no longer can process payments

attempting to hit the v2/customers/id/card api and am getting the following error

{“errors”:[{“category”:“INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR”,“code”:“CARD_PROCESSING_NOT_ENABLED”,“detail”:“Account is not enabled for card processing, visit”}]}

This account has been active for well over 9 months and all of a sudden I’m receiving this error. I have updated oauth permissions to write_payments too.

What is the location_id or merchant_id of the account?

The following LocationIds are experiencing this issue.

I took a look at a few of those locations, and they all have payment processing enabled, as you said. Can you provide the application id and are you using Charge or CreatePayment?

Thank you! I believe we are using the create payment.

I have a few different applicationIds, I can paste them here as well.

Please let me know if you need more info from me.

I see a successful CreatePayment request coming from sq0idp-Ey8cS5BrhqBdUlkkMAtVEg for 4ZXDTNS5WA213 at 1:07 PM PST today. The only errors I see are for a GENERIC_DECLINE for this entire merchant account (all locations). I do not see any errors being returned about card processing not being enabled.

I keep seeing declined transactions with that error. I do not see any successful transactions. Can you check for customerId “40GM1HN6XRWWK70RKCWVC2XD5C” and help me understand why I would get this error?

Ideally I’d like to resolve it moving forward so if you can help me understand what causes this error that would also be super helpful.

I see this customer being used with CreateCustomerCard for this location: 8C818FFJ1E70W. This location appears to be located in India, which is not a valid country for Square to take card payments in, which is why you’re getting this error.

Thank you! I hate to trouble you with it but if at all possible can you please check the list of locationIds provided and see if any are outside the range of support for square payments. via API?

Any location that is returning this error is outside of the supported countries, or either hasn’t passed IDV (which I can’t confirm without talking directly to the account owner and confirming some personal information). You can use the [ListMerchants]( endpoint to see what country a given merchant account is set up with.

Square currently supports US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom for card payments.

That makes sense. I just have one more question. Can you try looking up this customer email?
[email protected]

I only ask because it seems the locationId you provided wasnt one i included as well so im not sure where that is coming from.

Not authorized to take payments with location_id=FB015E2WK0G0M

This is another error i’ve received with this merchant account today.

Is this locationId in a region that is not supported?

It looks like you’re trying to access FB015E2WK0G0M using an access token that does not have permission to view that location (the access token belongs to another merchant account). The error I see is “Not authorized to take payments with location_id=FB015E2WK0G0M”.

To clarify, since you asked about OAuth in your other thread: if you’re using OAuth, you need to make sure you’re using the correct access token for a particular merchant account. Using your personal access token, or another merchant’s access token and you won’t be able to access this location. All access tokens are scoped to a specific merchant account.

alright so how can I correct this moving forward? Is there a way to fix all the locations that i’ve provided?

Are personal access tokens different then the oauth access tokens? Do both need to be used for authentication/payments or just one of them?

When you ask a merchant to go through the Square OAuth authorize link, and then use ObtainToken, Square will generate a unique access token for that particular merchant. When you need to make API calls on the merchant’s behalf (like taking payments), you need to use this OAuth access token, not your personal access token.

Personal access tokens will only give you access to your developer Square account. Take a look here for an overview of how OAuth works: