Recent issues with processing non-US cards

Hi guys,

We have used Square REST APIs for managing customer cards and processing payments for over a year now, and everything has been mostly problem-free. However, recently we have encountered two episodes:

  1. A customer from Mexico has always been able to pay with a digital debit card, which has a dynamic CVV that changes every couple of hours. It worked fine for a few months (of course the latest CVV is entered each time), but starting about a month ago, the card got declined every time. The error message returned by the API is just some “general auth error”.

  2. A customer from France wants to add their card as a “saved card” (we use the Cards API under Payments API under the hood). However, the Square web form doesn’t recognize his card, which is a standard Visa credit card issued by la Caisse d’Epargne.

Are there any pointers for how we should debug these issues? Thanks so much in advance.


Did the customers contact their banks to ask why they weren’t able to charge or save the card on file? If so what did the bank say. Also do you have the REST API calls that failed from your API Logs? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, we do have the failed API calls in the API log. They all have 400 codes with generic error messages (one is generic decline and the other is invalid card data). Can I share the detailed logs with you if there’s a way to look into them in more depth? Should I post them here or PM you?


For both of those errors the customer should first contact their bank to see why it’s not working. If their bank checks and says that there shouldn’t be an issue please ask them for any additional information from the bank. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it. Thanks again!