Is it possible to sell out-of-stock items through payment links?

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Our business has set up a payment link for a specific item with limited stock. Once we run out of stock, would it be possible for customers to buy the item on backorder while we replenish stock? If this is not possible, are there workarounds we could use?

Additional context: we have not set up a Square Online store; payment links suit us just fine, since it’s one item.

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Payment API: Process Online and In-Person Payments
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Payment API: Process Online and In-Person Payments

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Square’s payment links do not currently support backorders or inventory tracking. Once an item is out of stock, customers would not be able to purchase it on backorder.

As a workaround, you could manually manage this process. You could keep the payment link active and keep track of any purchases that occur after the item has gone out of stock. These would effectively be your backorders. You would then fulfill these orders once you have replenished your stock.

However, this method requires careful inventory management to ensure that you do not oversell your product. It may also require communication with customers to inform them of the backorder status and expected delivery times.

Another option could be to create a separate payment link specifically for backorders once your item is out of stock. This would allow you to easily track backorders separately from regular orders.

Remember, these are just workarounds and may not be ideal for every business. It’s important to consider your specific needs and capabilities.

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