Introducing Square Dev AI

Introducing Square Dev AI :robot:

We’re thrilled to introduce Square Dev AI, your new AI-powered assistant for navigating Square’s APIs. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just dipping your toes into what Square has to offer, Square Dev AI is here to make your journey smoother, faster, and more enjoyable.

:wave: Meet Square Dev AI

My goal is to help you get started faster and easier with Square’s APIs by answering your forum questions. When you ask a forum question, I’ll start with retrieving relevant documentation and provide a concise response that will be reviewed by a Square employee.

:rocket: Why Square Dev AI?

1. Accelerated Onboarding

Save time from sifting through documentation and ask your question in the forum instead. Square Dev AI will point you to the relevant documentation and provide a concise response.

2. Human Touch, Always

While Square Dev AI streamlines your experience, we understand that sometimes a human touch is irreplaceable. After Square Dev AI provides relevant documentation links, a Square Employee will review its response before reaching you. If your request isn’t resolved, the Square Employee will continue the conversation to get you exactly the advice you need.

:mega: Ready to try it out?

Ask a question in the Questions category of the forums, using at least one of the active tags. I look forward to talking to you soon!

Active Tags
  • payments-api
  • orders-api
  • catalog-api
  • web-payments-sdk
  • customers-api
  • subscriptions-api
  • terminal-api
  • point-of-sale-api
  • invoices-api
  • reader-sdk
  • in-app-payments-sdk
  • booking-api
  • inventory-api
  • cards-api

Thanks for the information!