Is Square hiring developers?


Site Feedback is probably the wrong tag for this, but I didn’t want to ask a question and associate it with the wrong tag.

Ever since I started building a REST API that consumes Square’s, I have been in awe of how well your API is documented, with examples on the Github for all languages supported, the API explorer, and the several articles. I have come to understand some aspects of the API with some intricacy, and I am also amazed at how quickly my queries are answered either here or on the Slack. Furthermore, your involvement with open source software cannot be overlooked by a person who has depended on open source for most of his career. It is also clear to me that in the e-commerce world, the company is a huge player.

Given all the aforementioned data, I was wondering if Square was hiring for new developers and, if so, whether I could be given a link or any other information about how I could apply. You do good work, and I would like to make it even better.

Regards and wishes for an awesome new year,


Thanks for the great feedback, and I’m happy that you’re interested in Square :slightly_smiling_face: . I suggest you taking a look at our public job site, and if you see a position you’re interested in, please complete the application through there.

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Sorry to bother again about this, but it seems to me as if whenever I click “Submit” on some of those jobs, the actual button seems to not lead to a confirmation page URL. This has happened to me in two job apps so far, this and this. In both cases, I have navigated both pages of the application to ensure I have filled everything correctly, but nothing gets flagged as a wrong or missing input.

Is there perhaps somebody I could talk to about this? It seems as if the smartrecruiter page is malfunctioning right now.

I can try and pass this along internally but have you reached out to SmartRecruiter support team about this since it’s happening on their site and more then just Square’s job posting could be experiencing this? :slightly_smiling_face: