Looking for a square tutorial using php

I am completely new to this api/sdk world and have scoured the net to the best of my ability looking for someone with the patience to teach me how to use them to take advantage of Square payments.

I am looking to customize the price and description instead of using application ID’s created in Square’s developer dashboard.

Any ideas?

:wave: With our APIs and SDKs you will still need to use the credentials created in the Developer Dashboard to take payment. Are you trying to adjust the price and description with our APIs? Would you mind sharing a bit more about what you are trying to accomplish?

I need to be able to create a price and description from within my php web application that Square then uses to create a transaction/payment that cardholders can access for purchasing.

Thank you so much!


With the Invoices API your PHP site can create an invoice which can then be sent to your customer to be paid. :slightly_smiling_face: