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I’m trying to create a workflow for when I sell any product in the Square POS App send the information and create an order in Shopify.
For this flow, I’m using the Zapier integration you guys have. The issue is that I can trigger when a new transaction happened in the POS but I cannot filter by any product sold. In order to create the order in Shopify, I need to know which products have been sold. The information coming from the API doesn’t include any SKU or product title or any unique ID I can use for the filter.

With that said… there is any workaround to sync Square POS with Shopify??? I need to sync orders, products, and customers. Any idea or suggestion will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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To be clear, Square didn’t create the Zapier integration as far as I know, so we do not have much insight into it. With that said, you should be able to retrieve orders using the Orders API to see all the itemization for a given order on the Square POS. If you need full details of an item (like the SKU), though, you’ll need to go a step further and retrieve it using the Catalog API. Let me know if that makes sense, or if I misunderstood.

Thanks for that reply. But I don’t think this requires any custom integration since is a bug that square is not passing the information via API to Zapier

As I mentioned, Square did not create any Zapier integration, so if it’s not pulling it correctly, there’s nothing I can do to correct it. The line items do exist in the Orders API, in general, so if they’re not pulling the correct fields, it would need to be corrected on their side. Feel free to share an order_id and I can take a look to ensure the line items are coming through on Square’s side, but in general there should always be a line item, I believe.

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Thanks. I agree there is always be a line item in the transaction. I will pass this information to Zapier’s Team. I appreciate your time. Thanks again.

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