Nivoda Diamond Search Square API Integration


I’m asking on behalf of a Square Seller, to see if it’s possible to link an external database to their Square Items Library (inventory).

Here’s the external database: Diamond Feeds, APIs & Plugins | Nivoda Marketplace

Nivoda already have a Shopify plugin that does this. Ideally, the Seller wishes to stay on Square. They’d like to display this filterable database and shopping platform with the Square payments system. When a customer filters down to their end product, they can add to cart and purchase.

The Seller already has an account established with Nivoda as well, so they can access the API or FTP connections required by Nivoda to work.

First, Is this possible. And, if so, what’s the best route for them to accomplish this?

Thank you.

This all looks possible if the seller is going to have a developer build out the integration that works with the Nivoda Marketplace and uses Square to process payments with our APIs. Essentially they would be replacing the Shopify plugin with their plugin that they developer that uses Square to process payments. :slightly_smiling_face: