How to notify seller through seller dashboard of successful payment/order

I have a custom eCommerce website that uses the Orders Api to create and update an order and the Payments Api to process and apply a payment to said order. I have a few questions as to what then as far as processing order fulfillment etc…

Is it possible to notify the seller through the seller dashboard of what items sold and who purchased them? For example someone ordered an item for in store pickup, seller needs to be notified which items to pick and the customer it is for.

Is inventory taken out automatically, if so is it possible to delay fulfillment until confirmed inventory is still available? For example someone could be in person purchasing the item simultaneously as someone online.

Can the payment be approved but await to be fully processed until the order is fulfilled? If so does this avoid processing fees?

When an order with the fulfillment is fully paid for and the payment is completed the order will push to the Orders section of the seller Dashboard and POS. The POS can notifications can be configured in the POS.

For inventory if the item has track_inventory enabled it will automatically deduct the inventory from the itemized order if the items your adding to the order are catalog_objects from the your Square Catalog.

Unfortunately approved payments won’t push to the Dashboard till they’re fully paid for and the payment is in a COMPLETED state. :slightly_smiling_face: