Order Not showing up in dashboard (payment & fullfilment inlc.)

Hi, i hate to post this cuz it must be something simple, but i can’t seem to figure it out… i made an order, then made a new payment (order is paid and shows up under transactions), it also has a fulfillment status attached to it, so idk what’s going on :confused: - Here’s the Order ID: vkb103SNMy87tzvaJLijynyN9JIZY


Nevermind. It went through! - But it took over 10 mins to show up in the dashboard (online) - How can i speed this up? it’s way to slow for real-use cases :confused:

:wave: It shouldn’t take that long to show up in the Dashboard. After the order was paid for were you refreshing he page in the Dashboard?

Yes, but it’s working now seemingly… not sure what had happened there… thanks!