How to create a Shipment API integration

When using the shipment API ORDERS Field to create shipment orders. Is there a way to in real-time display ship fees on the orders on the front end of the Square UI? If you could do this then you could use the spilt payment API to take the shipment fee ?

When creating an order is there anything we need to call from the inventory API to take the item out of stock?

Also is there a way to charge the sellers account for shipment fees- if they are not captured during the transaction?

:wave: Is this with the Square online store or with a custom application your building? If it’s with the Square online store there isn’t a way to programmatically update the order and have it change and display the shipping cost while the customer is checking out.

If your building a custom application you can UpdateOrder to show your customer any updates to the shipping cost as they’re checking out prior to making the payment.

Also if the items have inventory_tracking set to true then inventory will automatically deduct when the payment is made for the order.

Lastly if you’d like to collet a fee from the seller for shipping charges you can use app_fee_money to collect a fee to the cost of shipping. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you - so it seems that adding a shipment integration with square online where the shipment amount is calculated before the users submits an order is not available.

Can you explain APP_FEE_MONEY? does this mean we can charge the sellers square account for shipment charges they submit outside of the squares app?

I am confused because if we working with a square user and we can not calculate the shipment charge on the front end and add this to the amount processed how can we extract payment for our side for split payment?

IS there a way to change price on frontend for square online at all. How would you use the current APIs ton allow a shipment charge to be extracted from the square balance that is not a split payment from a credit card?

Square online does allow you to select up carrier accounts to purchase shipping labels through Square and you can set shipping rates for each region you want to ship to, or for specific items. You’ll do this in the fulfillments.shipping section of the online Dashboard.

If the seller is using the Square Online store you won’t be able to use the app_fee_money feature. You’ll need to set the shipping rates for each region for the items so the customer will be charged for the shipping cost. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does Square offer its own shipping integration in its orders api so that our merchant users can provide shipping costs and tracking info with the major carriers in the US?? We are building a marketplace.

In the shipment_details of an order is where all that information can be set when creating and updating the order. :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks Bryan, that helps. In addition, do you have relationships/partnerships with the 3-4 major US carriers where you offer discounted rates to our merchants?? Meaning, rather than us having to integrate with a platform/service like shipstation or shippo to provide shipping services/rates/etc to our merchants, does Square have the relationships whereby we could just manage all of that with one integration (with Square)??

Square currently doesn’t have the relationships with carriers that your looking. We have are partners like Shippo and Shipstation that we recommend. :slightly_smiling_face: