Tracking number assigning via API

In this page:

you can mark orders as shipped and individually assign a tracking number to them.
Which we would like to do via API.
Obviously, it’s an extra step. But from what we learned at paypal, when a customer files a dispute it takes longer and more chances of banks siding with customer when there’s no tracking number assigned PRIOR the dispute.

I’m really hoping there is a way via API to do this?
Thank you in advance

In the Orders API, if it’s a SHIPMENT fulfillment, then you can assign a tracking_number, yes: OrderFulfillmentShipmentDetails Object - Square API Reference.

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This link is perfect since you fill things out and it provides the code:

But it doesn’t contain anything regarding fulfillment.
Is it under a different category ?

Sorry for the confusion. That link is the object within the order. Basically an Order will have a fulfillments array, and inside the array it can have shipment_details (which is the above linked object). Take a look at the CreateOrder and you can see all the fields.

For more documentation around fulfillments in general, take a look here: Orders API: Order-Ahead Application Use Case

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Ok I hear you.
The thing is this, the list I see in (, are orders customers already placed.
The customer is created, payment and the “order”. So we already done a “createorder”.

Now with that said, the link above still allows us to manually add a tracking number to orders.
Can we use “createorder” again on an already createdorder just to add tracking number?

If you’re wanting to update an order, you’ll need to use the UpdateOrder endpoint. I was implying that you can supply it during the CreateOrder request. However, note that if the Order is already in a COMPLETED state, it cannot be updated, so you wouldn’t be able to add it to completed orders, only OPEN orders.

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