Error on loading Square Sandbox

Hey! I am trying to redirect to SqaureSandbox, but whenever I am redirecting to SqaureSandbox, I get an error
below I’ve attached a screenshot if someone knows what should I do or is it some technical issue

:wave: Where are you redirecting from? Looking at the image you provided it looks like you are trying to get to the Invoices section of the Dashboard.

We are trying to create an invoice from the square dashboard panel. Basically, we need to integrate the ACH payment method for a customer, so we need an invoice to send the customer for paying through ach method

You can definitely CreateInvoice and with our Invoices API that allows your customer to pay via ACH. In accepted_payment_methods you will need to set bank_account too true to allow your customers to pay with ACH. Please note that this option is allowed only for invoices that have a single payment request of type BALANCE . :slightly_smiling_face: