Square Sandbox Redirects

Greetings all.

I’ve been noticing today that there are some API and website requests that hit squareupsandbox.com that will redirect to squareup.com , which won’t be able to handle the request.

Does this mean that the API / feature is not supported on the sandbox , or does it mean something else?

If it is not supported on the sandbox , is the sane thing to do really to issue a 301 Redirect , or would it be better to return an error?
I’m currently noticing this on the soon to be removed /v1/me endpoint as well as attempting to view a receipt via the url returned from a Payment.

Posting question here as per request from slack from @sjosey

Hey, welcome to the forums and thanks for posting here :slight_smile:.

So, all V2 endpoints should be available in the new sandbox, however V1 endpoints are known to not work on there, unfortunately. Please take a look here at all of the APIs supported in sandbox: https://developer.squareup.com/docs/testing/sandbox#sandbox-square-api-support.

Good to know, thanks for the information. Does the same things apply to the receipts for orders made on the sandbox? I wouldn’t imagine that that also goes through a v1 API, but I don’t actually know.

Ah sorry I missed that part of your question :slight_smile: . Yes, that’s also a known issue unfortunately that the team is working on. Receipts are not currently viewable in sandbox even though they do create a url for them.