East Coast Optimum/Altice DNS Servers have old DNS records for Square Checkout links

Sometime in the last few weeks Square changed the IP’s on their square.link and square.checkout.site servers (those are the two we use, I have not vetted the rest). Many of Optimums DNS servers in the tri-state have not updated their records and as a result, users get an SSL error when accessing the links and as a result, we lose the business.

While I understand this is ultimately Optimum’s problem, I was hoping Square might step in here being it presumably effects them on a wider scale. Square has unfortunately said that is on us to fix the problem.

  1. Is anyone else dealing with this same issue? Optimum has over 8 million users, it stands to reason that this problem has to be causing big headaches for others.

  2. Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to approach Optimum in regards to getting them to update their servers? Unrealistic, I know.

  3. Does anyone have suggestions for a workaround if I dead end here?

:wave: Yes, we do rotate our IPs from time to time like any company can and providers like Optimum should handle this appropriately. I honestly haven’t heard of anyone else running into this issue and we have a lot of sellers in regions they cover.

I’d recommend that you reach out to Optimum support team as soon as possible with your findings if you’ve been able to consistently reproduce. They may have a bug that’s not handling the change of the IPs. Since there hasn’t been a lot of reports I wonder if this is isolate to a few nodes or it may be widespread. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bit of an update on this since yesterday. It seems the IP’s are in fact current–there are two IP’s being returned for square.link, Optimum was returning one and Google and Cloudflare the other. On digging further they both seem to be valid.

I can faithfully replicate being able to access the links while on Google or Cloudflares DNS and not while on Optimums and have verified this with half a dozen or so other Optimum users on different networks in the region (there was 1 exception to this, a user a bit further away). What’s bizarre is someone who was using a different ISP (and therefore the links were working for them to begin with) was able to successful access the links suing the Optimum DNS that doesn’t work for me. Maybe cipher issues?

I was finally after many attempts able to reach at Optimum who sounded like they took this seriously. I will update here if they come back with anything useful.

Thanks for the update and happy to hear they’re looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Optimum blocked the sub domain. It about took 2 weeks but they did finally lift the block and things are now working as they should.

That’s awesome! Thanks for the update. :slightly_smiling_face: