Customers API failures

We are currently experiencing downtime due to Square’s API failures and have been seeing this sporadically for the last couple days.

“503 service unavailable” and “404 customer not found” or “card not found” (but customer or card does exist). We are using exponential backoff, but still getting downtime for multiple minutes and losing orders because of it. These are the error message details: “The Connect endpoint is currently unavailable. Please try again” - this also happened yesterday for about 15 minutes.

Are these known issues? Could you please let me know when they will be fixed? These are causing issues for many of our customers and we are already doing damage control.

Hey @albert welcome to the forums!

Posting what Steve Zisman (Customers PM) said in Slack:

Are you seeing such failures right now? We have had a few downtime incidents on Customers in the last 2 days (10 mins on 4/19 and two 10 min windows on 4/20). These are known issues/outages and we are working on root cause and corrective action to avoid such issues in the future. I sincerely apologize for the impact and disruption to your customers. Please let me know if you are continuing to see issues today (feel free to DM me) as we do not expect that to be the case currently.

Thanks @sjosey! Yes, that explains it. Congrats on the new forums :+1:

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