504 On Search Orders

I’m currently receiving a 504 gateway timeout error on all requests to “https://connect.squareupsandbox.com/v2/orders/search”.

Can’t see anything on the status pages about it, all the other apis are working fine for me. I’ve tested with multiple different access tokens and they all yield the same error.

@pingucodes Are you running into this for every request? We’re currently investigating other gateway timeouts that were reported, but those were for other Order endpoints and were only happening intermittently.

Can you also let me know your app ID when you get the chance? Thanks!

I’m also getting a 504 trying to create an order in the sandbox. App ID → sandbox-sq0idb-bdJwqHbOPnqsimxXMSzS0g

Hey folks, we pushed some changes that should result in improvements with this issue. Are you all still experiencing these errors?

This seems to be happening again. Since sometime overnight I’ve been getting intermittent but frequent 504 Gateway Timeout errors on Search Orders calls. Anyone else seeing this?

Are you still experiencing this? Also what’s your application ID. :slight_smile:

Yes, still happening. I can’t even login to squareup.com nor the Developer Dashboard now to lookup my application ID. According to issquareup.com pretty much every service is degraded right now because of a data center problem, so maybe this is all because of that?

Okay. Yes, we are experiencing an issue right now. We appreciate your patience. :slight_smile: