Combine Inventory Feeds of Two Stores for One Online Checkout

Hi all, I own two stores. One is a men’s store and one is a women’s store. I have two brick and mortar locations, located right next to each other. Each store has it’s own Square account. I am working to combine my online / ecomm so that customers will see two different experiences depending on what product they’re looking at and which store it’s coming from, but can check out with one cart. The best mainstream example of this is Gap / Old Navy / Banana Republic. You can explore all of those stores and add items to your cart from all of them and then have one checkout.

My question is - how would I feed inventory from both of my square accounts into the one checkout and ensure that inventory stays accurate? I chatted with square and they basically told me this isn’t possible so I should just keep my stores separate online. I don’t like that answer…anyone have any advice??

Hi @MSMRusty! What are you currently using for your online store? Is it a Square Online site, or are you interested in a custom-coded solution?