Square Online Item Sync website already created sync from inventory to webstie

Hey, I’m not sure a qualify as a dev. I haven’t touched code I’m just in square/sqareup gui working on a website. I usually post questions on forums but I couldn’t find any other. Reddit square up was request access. If you remove this post please tell me where I can post to a web forum for square-up. If there is literally none I might have to tag them Twitter although that sounds more annoying. All I could find was an unhelpful customer support bot.

Anyways, the website has already been created. I want to sync inventory from a Square site. This article says how to do it if you are on initial setup. (Someone else did the initial setup) Seems to be no mention of how to do it if your website is half done. I’d prefer a GUI way to do this but I can handle something technical with clear instructions.
That is my main problem right now. Ideally, this inventory would have a database with some attributes. But no idea how to do that.

:wave: Welcome! Since this isn’t really developer related you’ll want to reach out to our Seller Community with this question. :slightly_smiling_face: