Syncing Orders & Order Data from Wix to Square

Hi. We have an existing inventory and POS with square, and we are planning to use Wix to be the ecommerce storefront (We want the backend to be managed fully in square, that includes order data, fulfilling orders, inventory, customer, payment gateway).

Our main goal now is syncing orders from wix to square (it will be great if we can fulfill orders in square, but if not we can settle with fulfilling them in Wix) and we are using the a 3rd party app to sync our inventory from square to wix, and sync the orders from wix to square, however the orders from wix are being sync to square only as transaction (it doesn’t show up in the order dashboard). Is there a way we can sync the orders from wix to square using Square API?

Here’s a topic that I found from Square Developer Forum that may help, it is the same concern, just different ecommerce storefront platform (Woocommerce to Square):

Looking forward for a response.


With Square orders will show in the Orders section of the Dashboard if they’re paid for with a fulfillment. If the orders from Wix aren’t showing in the Orders section then they don’t have a fulfillment. This is something that they would need to add to get the orders to show where you want to see them. :slightly_smiling_face:

How can we add it? Can we add it simply through api explorer?

This would be something that Wix would have to add when they call CreateOrder. :slightly_smiling_face: