Bad integration Square with Prestashop

We have Prestashop and we integrate Square for the correct operation. The operation and synchronization, once the first one was done manually, has been working well with some deficiencies.

I explain.

If I add an item in Prestashop or edit its inventory, it is updated without problem in Square.

Now, if the existence is modified in Square (because it is done manually or it is sold) it is not modified in Prestashop. If I modify the EAN or other data from Square, it is not modified in Prestashop either. Similarly, if I edit the name or even the price from Prestashop, it is not reflected in Square either.

By not having that complete synchronization, at least the inventory from Square to Prestashop becomes a bit useless since it is double work.

I imagine that it is a failure of our integration. We don’t know what can go wrong.

Thank you all

:wave: Have you shared this feedback with Prestashop? Did they look into any of the syncing issues you’ve pointed out here? :slightly_smiling_face: