Are CatalogObject Ids unique across all accounts

An identifier to reference this object in the catalog. When a new `CatalogObject` is inserted, the client should set the id to a temporary identifier starting with a "`#`" character. Other objects being inserted or updated within the same request may use this identifier to refer to the new object.

When the server receives the new object, it will supply a unique identifier that replaces the temporary identifier for all future references.

Is this Id unique across all accounts/merchants or is it unique in the context of each account/merchant

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Merchants API Overview
Update Catalog Objects
Add Custom Attributes

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I have read both of those documents. I want a definitive confirmation.

The ID of a CatalogObject is unique across all accounts/merchants. It is not just unique within the context of each account/merchant. This means that each CatalogObject has a unique identifier that distinguishes it from all other objects across all Square accounts.

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