Apple Pay Verification Error

Attempting to verify ownership of a [production mode] domain by adding

Visiting the file in a browser gives a 404 not found (the contents of other files in the same folder and with the same permissions can be viewed). In the Apple developer forums it is implied that Apple now looks for a txt suffix as in, see this forum thread which gives a similar scenario to mine, although not with the same CMS,

Attempting to verify gives Failed to retrieve the verification file from your domain. Please ensure the verification file is accessible and try again. It is accessible if I add a .txt suffix but not without - as described in the Apple post above.

There is this: from the Square developer dashboard in Apple Pay > Web > ‘Add domains to enable Apple Pay for the web, Learn More >’, Learn More seems to relate to Sandbox mode and states that

Domain association folder - If you’re using the server provided by the quickstart application, put the .well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association folder and file under the public directory. The domain verification file works only with Square as the domain.

Whether that’s related, I wouldn’t know.

How do I get my domain verified to enable Apple Pay for the web?

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To enable Apple Pay for the web, you need to verify your domain with Apple. This involves hosting a domain association file provided by Apple at a specific path on your server. The file should be accessible at

If you’re having trouble accessing the file, it could be due to server configuration or file permissions. Ensure that the file is in the correct location and that its permissions allow it to be publicly accessible.

The mention of the .txt suffix in the Apple Developer Forum is not standard practice according to Apple’s official documentation. The file should not have a .txt extension.

The note you found in the Square Developer Dashboard about the domain verification file working only with Square as the domain is specific to the quickstart application provided by Square. It doesn’t apply to your own production environment.

If you continue to have issues, you may want to check with your hosting provider or server administrator to ensure that files in the .well-known directory can be accessed correctly.

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