All payments are blocked in Location

Hello. I recently created a new location (LDH4MJVF7JB0X) in order to separate the rules in Risk Manager, however, all the payments done using that location id are getting blocked, in Risk Manager it reads it was declined by the bank but I tested it using my own credit card and called the bank and confirmed they didn’t even see the denied charges on their end.

My integration works fine using the main location id (0J6REA2M5AFHP). What could be wrong?

App id is sq0idp-bmjujqXtPcqF8Az8vBnsAg

:wave: @htown I’m going to message you about this. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square it worked 1 time and went back to having the same issues. Is there something I need to activate/setup on my account?

Taking a look. Is this a testing account or is this the account that you are going to process on?

This is an account I’m going to process real payments

If you try the location now is it working as expected?