2023-07-20 Changelog

Customers API
Invoices API
Terminal API
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Version summary

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API updates

  • Customers API:

    • The ListCustomers and SearchCustomers endpoints now optionally return the total number of results for the request:

      • For ListCustomers, set the count query parameter to true. The returned value also represents the total number of customers for the Square seller.
      • For SearchCustomers, set the count field to true in the request body.

      When count is set to true in the request, the response includes a count field that contains the total number of customers. This change applies to all Square API versions. However, to access count using a Square SDK, you must use a version of the SDK that supports Square API version 2023-07-20 or later.

  • Invoices API:

    • InvoiceAcceptedPaymentMethods object - Added the cash_app_pay field, which lets customers make invoice payments using Cash App (US only). For Square API versions 2021-04-21 and later, Square now accepts cash_app_pay in CreateInvoice and UpdateInvoice requests and includes it in returned invoices. For more information, including SDK version support, see Cash App Pay.
  • Terminal API:

  • Webhooks:

    • Added a helper method to the PHP SDK for webhook signature validation. For the code sample, see Webhook event notification validation - PHP.
    • The data.type field of each webhook event is modified to match the corresponding underlying data object.
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Documentation updates