2021-12-15 Changelog

Invoices API
Catalog API
Cards API
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Version summary

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API updates

  • Invoices API:

    • The Invoices API now supports seller accounts in France. For more information, see International availability and considerations.

    • France only: Invoice object. Added a new payment_conditions field, which contains payment terms and conditions that are displayed on the invoice. This field is available only for sellers in France. For more information, see Payment conditions field.

      Square version 2021-12-15 or later is required to set this field, but it is returned in ListInvoices and RetrieveInvoice requests for all Square versions.

  • Cards API:

    • Added the CARD_DECLINED_VERIFICATION_REQUIRED error code to the list of error codes returned by CreateCard.
  • Catalog API:

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Documentation updates

  • Developer Tools. Added this top-level node. This node describes tools such as the Sandbox, API Logs, and Webhooks.