2021-03-17 Changelog

Invoices API
Terminal API
Payments API
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Version summary

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Existing API updates

  • Payments API:

    • CreatePayment. Until now, the CreatePayment endpoint supported only taking card payments. In this release, the API now supports cash and external payments. For more information, see Take Payments.
    • UpdatePayment. This new endpoint enables developers to change the payment amount and tip amount after a payment is created. For more information, see Update Payments.
  • Invoices API:

    • InvoiceDeliveryMethod enum. Added the read-only SMS value.
    • InvoiceRequestMethod enum (deprecated). Added the read-only SMS, SMS_CHARGE_CARD_ON_FILE, and SMS_CHARGE_BANK_ON_FILE values for backward compatibility.

    These values direct Square to send invoices and receipts to customers using SMS (text message). SMS settings can be configured from first-party Square applications only; they cannot be configured from the Invoices API. Square does not send invoice reminders when using SMS to communicate with customers.

  • Terminal API:

    • TerminalCheckout. Previously, TerminalCheckout only supported tapped, dipped, or swiped credit cards. It now supports manual card entry and e-money. Added the payment_type field to denote a request for a manually entered payment card or an e-money payment.
    • CheckoutOptionsPaymentType. A new enum for the Terminal checkout payment types that can be requested.
    • E-money support is now available for Terminal checkout requests in Japan.
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  • Square Java SDK:
    • Updated the OkHttp dependency to version 4.9.0.
    • Fixed a NullPointerException when passing an empty order ID to the UpdateOrder method.
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Documentation updates

  • Multi-language code examples. Previously, various topics showed only cURL examples for the REST API operations. These topics now show examples in multiple languages. You can use the language drop-down list to choose a language.

  • When to Use Connect V1. Content is revised to reflect the most current information about when to use the Connect V1 API.