2020-08-26 Changelog

Labor API
Orders API
Employees API
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Version summary

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Existing API updates

  • Orders API

    • Order object. The total_tip_money field is now GA.
    • CreateOrder, UpdateOrder, and BatchRetrieveOrders. These APIs now support merchant-scoped endpoints (for example, the CreateOrder endpoint POST /v2/orders). The location-scoped variants of these endpoints (for example, the CreateOrder endpoint POST /v2/locations/{location_id}/orders) continue to work, but these endpoints are now deprecated. You should use the merchant-scoped endpoints (you provide the location information in the request body).
  • Labor API

    • Migrate from Employees to Team Members. The Employees API is now deprecated in this release. Accordingly, update references to the Shift.employee_id field to the Shift.team_member_id field of the Labor API.
  • v2 Employees API (deprecated)

  • v1 Employees API (deprecated)

  • v1 Reporting API is retired.

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Documentation updates

  • Point of Sale API
  • Team API
    • Team API Overview. Documented the limitation related to creating a team member in the Square Sandbox.