Case study


Jotform is an online form builder helping all types of businesses easily create robust forms and collect important data. They have over 20 million users worldwide, including small businesses, enterprises, nonprofits and more.


  • In response to high user demand and recognising the rapid growth of Square, Jotform integrated with Square in 2016.
  • Square quickly became one of Jotform’s most-adopted payment providers.
  • Jotform integrated with the Square Web Payments SDK and Subscriptions API, as well as new payment methods like Cash App Pay, to provide a robust payment offering for Square sellers using their platform.
  • They also built seamless integrations with the Square Orders API and Customers API to more easily manage orders and customer information.

Easy form builder for all types of businesses

Founded in 2006 by Aytekin Tank, Jotform set out to create a faster and smarter solution for building online forms. They quickly gained popularity and, by the end of Q1 2023, garnered over 20 million users worldwide. Today, Jotform serves all kinds of businesses that rely on their robust form solutions to streamline data collection and management. Beyond their flagship product, Form Builder, Jotform’s commitment to helping businesses automate workflows also inspired the creation of products like Jotform Store Builder, Jotform Tables, Jotform Apps and more.

Partnering with Square

Jotform prides itself on being customer-centric, so when many users began requesting the ability to accept Square payments through their platform, they explored an integration. Recognising the rapid growth and strong presence of Square in the US, Jotform saw the potential of a partnership to address a critical customer need and create a pathway for them to penetrate a new market. They solidified the integration in 2016, and Square quickly became one of their most popular payment providers.

Web Payments SDK, Cash App Pay and Subscriptions API

In 2022, Jotform adopted the Square Web Payments SDK, a Javascript SDK that enables developers to create a customisable checkout flow for processing online payments with Square via their web application. The SDK optimised the checkout flow for Jotform by enabling faster payment processing and generating secure payment tokens to ensure safe transactions.

‘We love the new credit card field rendering options. It’s more responsive and dynamic. The Web Payments SDK makes the checkout process faster, easier and safer.’

– Ender Özmen, Head of Payments at Jotform

Another major advantage of the Web Payments SDK was the ability to implement alternative payment methods. This would allow Jotform to enhance payment flexibility for Square sellers beyond traditional card payments. Responding to high demand, they added Apple Pay and Google Pay to start which enabled sellers in various countries to process digital wallet payments seamlessly via Jotform. Following this integration, Cash App Pay quickly became Jotform’s most requested payment option. With Cash App’s popularity in the US and Jotform’s proven success with Square, adding this payment method to their Square integration was an easy decision. Clear documentation and support from Square made the implementation seamless, and Jotform firmly believes that expanding its payment options will be crucial in driving higher conversion rates.

‘Taking payments through Jotform has definitely saved us a lot of time, and it benefits our clients by allowing for multiple payment options. Many of my clients have asked to pay with Cash App, and this has provided a safe alternative for those who don’t feel comfortable entering their credit card information into the system.’

– Dee Dorsey, Square Seller and Owner of Deeluxe Vacations

The commitment of Jotform and Square to provide a robust online payment offering for their users doesn’t stop there. The ability to sell subscription services through forms was one of Jotform’s most requested features and largest use cases. When Square launched the Subscriptions API, Jotform worked quickly to build an integration. The API helped Jotform significantly reduce the complexity and cost of maintaining subscriptions, and also had all the components they needed to ensure their users would be able to easily create and manage subscriptions.

‘Subscriptions API provides many features for Square merchants. They were able to manage/cancel their subscriptions, get reports of the transactions and see more customer details on the Square Dashboard. Previously, we were keeping all this information on our site. They can also create more complex subscription plans.’

– Özlem Demirci, Developer Team Lead of Payment Integrations at Jotform

Integrating with more Square APIs

In addition to all the payment capabilities Jotform enabled with Square, they also implemented Orders API and Customers API. Jotform uses the Orders API to allow users to create orders in Square and manage them via both platforms. Their integration with Customers API is used to collect and manage customer information.

The future of Square and Jotform

By partnering with Square, Jotform was empowered to deliver a seamless and flexible online payments experience that would enable thousands of businesses to grow their revenue and automate workflows. Next up, they plan to improve the interoperability of their payment features with other products and will continue working closely with Square to improve the payment experience by providing more flexibility and new capabilities.

‘We have a payment product that our users use to sell products and subscription services, and collect donations through forms. Payment features are highly coupled with online forms and this is our strongest muscle.’

– Ender Özmen, Head of Payments at Jotform