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Manage and issue refunds for payments made to Square merchants

The following apply for refunds:

  • You cannot refund more than what was originally collected.
  • The refund amount must be available in the account’s Square balance. If not, Square will attempt to take money out of their associated bank account. Refunds will be in a state of PENDING until the funds can be secured.
  • If funds can not be secured, the refund will not complete and the buyer will not receive a credit. The refund will have a status of FAILED. Future refunds to this payment will not be allowed and the buyer should be reimbursed by other means.
  • You can refund only payments with status COMPLETED. You cannot refund an APPROVED payment; however, you can cancel an approved payment.

You are viewing an old version of the API

V1 Endpoints

Some operations require use of Connect V1 endpoints. See When to use Connect V1 to learn more.

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