What's the necessary information required for production support?

Dear Team,

Sometimes we may need your help to look into some specific issues in Square production env, such an error on an order, a payment or a refund, etc., may I know what information we should provide, so that you could help on the troubleshooting smoothly?

Currently there are application id, location id, order/payment/refund id, idempotency_key, API call timing, etc., as you know, exposing too much info on the forum post may bring in the risk of information leak, while exposing too few may make the troubleshooting difficult, so I would like to know what’s the appropriate scope of information we should post on the forum.

Thanks & Best Regard,
Alfred Luan

The only piece of information that’s not safe to share is the access token. All of the other Square generated IDs that you listed are safe to share and are very helpful when troubleshooting issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

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