V2 API Coupon Codes

Hey everyone! Does anyone here know if it is still possible to create coupon codes via the V2 API? It used to be under v1/<locaiton_id>/discounts, but there isn’t a path for that in V2.

I’m looking to generate coupon codes for referrals and would like to automatically bring them into Square.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi @eman8519 welcome to the forums!

Discounts and coupons are not exactly the same thing, to be clear. You can definitely still create discounts in V2 using the Catalog API. With the Catalog API, you can upsert all catalog types (items, variations, modifiers, etc including discounts). For example, if you’re wanting to create one, single discount, you can use the UpsertCatalogObject endpoint, and use type = DISCOUNT.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns, I’m happy to help!

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Hi @sjosey thank you for the quick reply!

I should have been more clear. I was hoping to create coupons/promo codes. Something like "Use Code: HappyBirthday1234 at checkout.

We are looking to allow our current users to create referrals, and we want to track those referrals when customers make purchases on our online store.

So really I don’t need Coupons or Discounts as much as a way to attribute a purchase to one of our users. When a user signs up we will create a code for them, and I would like to use the Square API to register these codes with our Square Online Store.

Thanks again for your help.

Thanks for clarifying! Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this through our APIs at this time (no way to create coupons or any codes).

Hey @sjosey, any idea if there is a plan to expose this as part of the v2 API. The internal APIs obviously exist…from app I can:

  • Create a new “coupon” tied to individuals through the Outreach function
  • That “coupon” is tied to a customer and shows up in the customer details
  • I can invalidate that “coupon” from the “manage coupons” section under customer details
  • I can redeem the “coupon” at POS via the code or click on the customer

Appears to be all there…looking to do the similar to @eman8519…create a unique coupon programmatically and associate it with a customer.

Thanks for the consideration!

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Hi @sjosey and @markmcspadden. I’m looking for the same functionality. That is, to be able to validate and redeem reward codes (the 6-digit codes generated by Square Marketing) through the API. Is this possible, or planned for the future?

I am trying to set up the same thing here in my project. Would be cool to utilize squares platform to create coupon codes and apply discounts to orders.

Plus one for this API to generate unique codes for customers to redeem online or in POS.

Hey folks following up here. Please DM me for more information as there may a solution that would work for you that we’re currently working on.

@sjosey I am definitely interested in a solution here :slight_smile:

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@sjosey I’m interested in a solution as well…

@sjosey Very interested to hear what the potential solution is here!

Hi folks, apologies for the confusion here. Please message me directly so I can track this easier. Click on my name (sjosey) then click “Message” (blue button). I will follow up there!

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:wave: I don’t see a direct message option/button when I click on your name

Ah, it’s probably some limitation for new users. I’ll reach out shortly :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’m also interested in learning more about the new solution to generate promo codes via a v2+ API. Also my apologies but I don’t have a DM button for you @sjosey either.


Hi there, I am also interested in the new functionality as well, I cannot DM you either @sjosey.

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Hello @sjosey
Please let me know if it is possible to create coupons (not discounts) via API V2. I cannot DM you.

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Please keep me informed as well. We would like to generate coupons via the API.

@sjosey Please let me know if there is any possibility to create coupons from API, Thank you!