V1 Payments migration to V2 requires additional scopes

We have been using V1 Payments api for few years now & are planning to migrate to V2 soon and are following the guide https://developer.squareup.com/docs/migrate-from-v1/guides/v1-payments

My understanding is that the V1 API attributes are now spread out across Payments, Orders & Catalogs for example to get sku (available directly on V1 Payments) , one would need to get order_id via V2 payment api & then get catalog_id from V2 Order API and then get sku from Catalog Objects API

This change is backward incompatible since the scopes required to get the data are different. We would require additional scopes in V2 version (orders_read & items_read).

Is there any other way to get the same data access in V2 or get these new scopes programatically

Currently, the only way to get the additional scopes is to re-Auth the customers with the additional scopes. We recommend that developers build this process into any application since we are committed to building new features and functionality that may required additional scopes over time. Your sellers should think of this like updating to a better version with more functionality as you add additional feature to your offering. :slightly_smiling_face: