Any Solution to Deprecated V1 API

Dear Squareup Team,

I have following use case:
I am calling API:${merchantId}/locations

But found that this is deprecated. Any replacement for this API in V2. If you have please let me know the possible solutions.

Thanks and Regards,
Raviraj Gore

It looks like you’d be looking to migrate from Locations V1 to Locations V2. We have a guide here that you can use:

Feel free to reach out if there are complications that you run into with your migration.

I want to get Locations associated with particular Merchant. How to do that in Squareup V2 API?

As long as you have the MERCHANT_PROFILE_READ scope and OAuth a merchant, you can call List Locations to list all of the locations for that merchant.

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I found that, for Payemt Updated notification in Squareup Connect V2, when I do Card payment through mobile app then in that case Squareup sends inventory.count.updated notification. But how to get the payment.updated notification ? Is there any way ?

You should be able to just subscribe to that particular webhook notification using our V2 Webhooks.

You’ll want to be sure you’re on the appropriate API Version (preferably the latest, if you’re in the process of upgrading anyways).

I am using latest API version and I have migrated to Squareup V2 and subscribed inventory.count.updated and payment.updated events. For inventory updates I perform some activity on Squareup Dashboard and I am getting correct response like inventory.count.updated notification.

But for payment updates, I do need to perform some activity through mobile Squareup app and I do card payment or cash payment but in that case also Squareup sending me the inventory.count.updated notification instead of payment.updated notification.

My question, Is there any way to get payment.updated notification ? Because that is my Client’s requirement.

I think we might need to see an example of how you are processing a webhook to better understand why you’re only seeing the one event type.

My guess would be that you might not actually be subscribed to the payment.updated webhook event. The only reason you would continue to see the inventory.count.updated event (and not the payment.updated) when testing in the Square POS app, is that you’re adding items to a sale and its adjusting the inventory accordingly.

You can find more details on the Payments webhook events here: