POS cash orders & v2 webhooks

Hoping that POS cash orders trigger a v2 ‘order.created’ webhook?

Hi Brad – this initial launch only sends notifications on creates/updates to Orders created via the Orders API. Our POS transactions aren’t considered “native” Orders just yet, but we’re working toward a world where Order webhooks cover all sales at Square.

Let us know if you have any additional feedback!

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ok. Would love to know when that work is started or planned for release.

We’re hoping to make progress on this front within the next 3-4 months. Could you share how you’d use these webhooks in your application?

Sure, basically whenever we process a POS cash order, we need to log that order into our own order mgmt system and inventory system.
We currently have to use the v1 payment webhooks to handle this and was hoping we could remove our dependency on v1 webhooks.

Thanks, this makes sense! We are also looking forward reducing reliance on v1 endpoints.

Hey what’s the status on migration of the cash events on Connect V2.

In the meantime, i’m trying to use the connect V1 webhooks, but no events are being sent to my webhook. I can send a test event and it works but when real events happen my webhook doesn’t get triggered.

Is this how v1 webhooks are configured?

To subscribe to V1 webhooks, you need to actually call UpdateWebhooks. The above is just for enabling and setting the URL.

I tried to enable PAYMENTS.READ on a v1 webhook for a certain location. However it says the event type is invalid. This is the command I entered:

curl -X PUT -H 'Authorization: Bearer MyTokenHere' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' https://connect.squareup.com/v1/YE6DGSRG9NQYD/webhooks -d '["PAYMENTS_READ"]'

And the response I got was:

{"type":"bad_request","message":"Invalid event type: PAYMENTS_READ"}%

In the v1 update webhook endpoint, the PAYMENTS_READ exists in the list of permissions:

My intent is to receive Payment.Updated events on V1 webhooks so I can capture all POS and Virtual Terminal payment completed events.


Those are permissions for OAuth authorizations. The event type is called “PAYMENT_UPDATED” which you can see in the items parameter.

Has this been resolved yet? Wondering what the new webhook event would be named and how this migration from v1 to v2 would work.

Unfortunately this is still a work in progress, and I do not have an ETA to provide. This is definitely something we (Square) want to do, but it’s not there yet. V1 PAYMENT_UPDATED will still trigger for all payments, though, and it’s currently not deprecated so no migration for that particular one exists yet.


We are looking to do something similar. We are hoping to capture changes to an order that are made via the square dashboard. For example, when an order is marked as complete, in-progress, etc. Is this possible with the V2 webhooks?


Are these orders created through the API? If so, you can use the v2 order webhooks. Otherwise, no, not currently.

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They are created via the POS terminal, not the API.
Is there any timeline to when this will be supported?

Unfortunately we do not have a public timeline for these types of releases, so I do not know. It’s definitely a popular feature request though.

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We’re really wanting this feature too. Any chance of an update?

Our platform integrates with Square and other POS platforms. We recommend Square over the others as we think it’s the best, with the one caveat that orders have to wait until the next 15 minute poll to appear. For some of our customers, this is a deal breaker and they go for a competitor of yours purely because this webhook is missing.

Unfortunately we do not have a update for these types of requests, so I do not know. It’s definitely a popular feature request though. :slightly_smiling_face: