Unable to log into Square Developer Dashboard, email not found, no option to contact support, can't sign up with a new account either


I tried to login to my Square Developer account, but my credentials are being rejected (the same credentials I’m using to login to this forum).

I tried resetting the password, but no email arrives at my inbox.

So I tried to sign up with another email address to make a new account, however the form submission is failing there too.

I tried to submit a support request, but you have to login to create a request. I tried calling the phone number listed in the contact area, but I’ve been on hold for about an hour now.

Can someone at Square help me access my account again? My username is dylanpierce. Many thanks!

What’s your application ID or the email of the Square account? :slight_smile:

Hi @Bryan-Square thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.

My email is dylan [at] getverdict dot com.

Sorry for the non-copy paste friendly format. Just trying to avoid scraper spam.

I’m not seeing an account with that email. Are you sure that’s the email that was used to signup with? Do you have the application ID? :slight_smile:

That’s odd, I assume it’s the same email address that I’m receiving forum notifications to.

It’s potentially me (at) dylanjpierce.com

I just started a draft application some time ago, but now we’re ready to start an integration. So I don’t have an application ID handy unfortunately.

I would just start a new account, but the sign up form is 500’ing with different email addresses like sales (at) getverdict.com.

I had to clear local storage for the Square domain, and then I was able to register another account.

I must have an older account set up, my password manager tracked a username, not email address.

I’m all set.

Glad to hear you figured it out. :slight_smile: