Square Terminal: MAC addresses do not match

Hi there,

When I connect a terminal to the network, the MAC addresses do not match
A completely different one appears and they always start with 2C

Why does this happen? Does it do some kind of masking?

Thanks in advance,

The Terminal MAC address should start with 44:59:25 according to our documentation. Is this a new device? Also are you using this with Terminal API or with the Square app on the Terminal? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using the app in the physical Square Terminal.
I have several and all the MAC addresses start with: 8C:47:6E

edit: I attach an image with the specifications

The MAC address your seeing on the device is your address. Our documentation suggest if your filtering traffic based on MAC address that you don’t filter out traffic from Square which comes from the documented 44:59:25 address. :slightly_smiling_face: