Device Code generated with the API problem

Hello, I am making a program that allows me to communicate with my square terminal. But when it comes to logging in with a device code, it doesn’t work. The program is made in python and at the moment it only checks the connection with the square terminal, but the code provided by the api does not work. Can you help me?

What is happening when you try to pair the Terminal with the created device code? Also are you pairing the device right after you create it? :slightly_smiling_face:

The square terminal device returns me an error that cannot find the code given by the API. The code provided by the API is returned by this function ‘create_device_code()’.

What is your application ID? Also what are the steps to reproduce this so I can try and replicate. :slightly_smiling_face:

My app id is: sq0idp-KXUm7eDLI_O5sT6z_BlNXw.

I’ve created a python file with the code provided by this page: (POS Application Integration with the Terminal API)

Before that I fill the propierties of the request with my credentials and finally run this code from the terminal (Windows cmd).

I took a look at your logs and I see a lot of device codes created. Only one device code is to be used with a Terminal. Once the device code is paired then you can call CreateTerminalCheckout. Have you been able to successfully pair a Terminal with a device code by logging in with the generated device code in production? :slightly_smiling_face: