API Explorer Create Terminal Checkout

I am trying to see how the terminal API works. I add all the correct information in and then RUN, but I don’t see anything on my terminal. Im using my access token, and have doubled checked the terminal serial number. I get a 200 response but nothing ever shows up on my terminal. Anyone have experience with this

:wave: Is the device_id that you are using the correct one for the API call? I know I’ve made that mistake in the past cause the IDs are a bit confusing. For example here is my device object:

            "id": "ETBSHYNZ2TQCB",
            "name": "Ticket Terminator",
            "code": "EPRYGK",
            "device_id": "952CS108A6002588",
            "product_type": "TERMINAL_API",
            "location_id": "3Z4V4WHQK64X9",
            "created_at": "2020-04-03T21:49:55.000Z",
            "status": "PAIRED",
            "status_changed_at": "2020-04-03T21:51:43.000Z",
            "paired_at": "2020-04-03T21:51:43.000Z"

The ID that needs to be passed to the CreateCheckout request is 952CS108A6002588. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Bryan. I realized that i am not paired with my device in sandbox. I am I used the API Explorer to request a device code, and when I get the device code back and try and enter it, it will fail and says incorrect device code. Am I suppose to do any extra steps for development mode

Okay, that’s it. The Terminal device won’t pari with a device code created in sandbox. Device codes only pair with the Terminal in production. The Terminal API supports a collection of special device_id values you can use to simulate terminal checkouts without connecting to a physical Square Terminal. Successful Sandbox requests result in a payment generated in the Sandbox and shown in the Seller Dashboard for your test account. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,

Is this only supportted for USD? how about the AUD?

I use the special device_id values for testing in GBP and it all works ok — the one that says “Approved payments are up to $25 USD” works for up to £25 GBP. I’d expect the same to apply to AUD.

The Terminal API supports AUD. It’s available in all our supported regions for payments. :slightly_smiling_face: