Square device id not unique (Devices API)


I am trying to set up multiple square terminals by terminal api. However I am getting four device ids for 12 devices when they are expected to be unique. And therefore the checkout creation goes to the wrong terminal. Thanks in advance.

The flow of my app:

  1. Create device code /devices/codes post request
  2. Get Device details /devices/codes/ get request with device_code_id from previous response

And the device_id returned in step 2 is not unique. So one device id is returned when pairing three different devices.

Hey @tompetrossian, do you mind sharing your application ID? Thanks!

Production Application Id: sq0idp-SgiO0CQB5fm1yUcNY_p5Gw

Thanks in advance.

The terminals were paired on Tuesday(Jan 31).

@josh-square did you get a chance to check on this issue?

@josh-square @Bryan-Square

This sounds like your pairing multiple device codes to a single device. Once you pair a code to a device the device_id will always be the same. :slightly_smiling_face: