Square Reader SDK - No code signature found

I attempted to update the SDK to version 1.4.9 to address the Bluetooth issue with iOS 14 and I am not unable to run on a device, I am getting the following error:

No code signature found.
Domain: com.apple.dt.MobileDeviceErrorDomain
Code: -402620388

Any ideas on how to resolve this, no other changes to the project other than removing the old reference to SquareReaderSDK.framework and adding SquareReaderSDK.xcframework have been made. I am able to run on a simulator just fine, I just cannot run on a device or deploy a build to TestFairy that will install.

:wave: When you changed the framework is the app signature looking for the old framework rather than the new one? :slightly_smiling_face:

Bryan -

That is a good question, how do I check this? I am not seeing anything apparent that is referencing the old framework.


In the Signing & Capabilities is there any reference to the old framework?

Nope, I see anything about the old (or new for that matter) Square SDK in the Signing & Capabilities section of the target.

When you added the new framework were you in the root directory of the project?

Bryan -

It was not in the root directory of the project, so I removed it and added to the root directory of the project and received the same error.


Are you seeing the framework in the Signing & Capabilities now?

Open file SDKSettings.plist and check value for CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED. If it is set ‘NO’ then set it ‘YES’. Now relaunch the XCode.

iMessage on PC

We were having to do this prior to release of the new SDK.

This build phase was failing, the problem (I think) was due to the new Square SDK being a FAT file as noted in this post.

Minor adjustments to our build phase allowed us to finally get it to work.

Thanks for looking into this.