Square In App Payments iOS SDK needs to be recompiled with Xcode 15.x

The Square framework is not compatible with Xcode 15.x and crashes immediately because the framework is improperly linked at runtime.

The current workaround is to compile your app with Xcode 14.x, however this will only work for another 6 weeks.

Apple will deny distribution of any app that contains the current framework starting April 29, 2024. Therefore, we cannot distribute the app in 6 weeks until the framework is updated and the linking issue fixed.

ITMS-90725: SDK version issue - This app was built with the iOS 16.4 SDK. Starting April 29, 2024, all iOS and iPadOS apps must be built with the iOS 17 SDK or later, included in Xcode 15 or later, in order to be uploaded to App Store Connect or submitted for distribution.

Please fix the linking issue and provide a framework that is compatible with Xcode 15 ASAP!

The team is looking into this. I’ll be sure to update the thread when I get any updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, for now we are implementing a web view using the web version of the SDK. This will be a stop gap since the iOS SDK doesn’t work in Xcode 15 :frowning:

I really appreciate your help. Do you think we will have a fix in the next couple of weeks?

Unfortunately I don’t have a timeline for the fix but I’ll be sure to update this thread when I have any updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

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