Square payment form & HSA/FSA validation

Hello Square team,
Can you please confirm if the Square-React payment form already accepts and validates HSA/FSA/PSA forms of payment? I understand the Square business category of the used account must be set to a Medical services provider in order to accept and process payments made with an HSA/FSA/PSA card. However, I’d like to confirm if anything needs to be configured in the payment form to accept these payment methods as well?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Lyn,

For businesses such as licensed healthcare providers and pharmacies, Square can process Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account cards.

Thanks @Bryan-Square, does the Square-React payment form already validate HSA and FSA cards?

The SqPaymentForm will accept HSA and FSA card as long as the business MCC is a licensed healthcare providers or pharmacy.

Thanks again, Bryan!