Square Payment Form is not validating the credit card

Hi i am square developer.
and i push my square from sandbox to production. and Update the domain string in the JavaScript reference from js.squareupsandbox.com to js.squareup.com . and also provide production application id in payment form. But the square payment form is not validating the credit card credentials. and generating the none token against the test card(4111 1111 1111 1111) in production mode.
please help me in this regard as soon as possible

The Square Payment Form only does simple checks (does it look like a real credit card number, is the expiration in the future, etc), but it doesn’t actually check if it is a real credit card, has enough funds, has the right expiration, etc. That check isn’t done until you hit the CreatePayment endpoint, which will let you know if it gets declined for some reason.

ok. thank you very much!