Square Order Fulfillment Type

Hi, I am a square developer. And I have some concerns about square order fulfillment types. I am using the square Orders API to place an order on the square.
The link to the details of the API that I am using is (POST /v2/orders - Square API Reference).
And when I go through the link I came to know that we can provide only two main order fulfillment types. (one is pick up & the second one is shipment). As you can see in the pic below.
But when we go to the seller side of the square account then we can see that there are other fulfillments types exist other than delivery & pickup. As you can see below pic.

So, I am curious why they would have other order fulfillment methods detailed in their UI (ie. curbside, delivery, digital, etc.). Can we determine where these are coming from and if there is a secondary fulfillment avenue we are overlooking?

The additional fulfillment types that you see in the Seller Dashboard are for the Square Online Store fulfillments. Unfortunately, the ability to set or retrieve the additional fulfillments types isn’t currently available for the Orders API.

Okay. Thanks for your cooperation.

Hi @Bryan-Square, I had the same question and have seen this question being asked numerous times. Is there a particular reason why Square chose not to allow third party apps to specify other common fulfillment types. It is incredibly confusing not to be able to set other fulfillment types but yet see them as filters. Also considering that this is a frequently asked question/feature, I would have thought that Square would schedule this is an enhancement but doesn’t see like that is the case.

Thanks in advance for explaining the technical reasons for not allowing atleast delivery and DineIn as fulfillment types.

I am sure they won’t come out and say it directly, but they invested in weebly. To prevent us from getting ahead in development, they limit what we can use. It is the only good reason why many features don’t have time tables or any info given to us.

I sidelined most my square related dev for the last 6 months to upgrade all my backend and data structures while I wait it out or find good work arounds.

What I do now is just make a delivery item and set the details in the item notes. You can do the same to switch item with same mods to food item [eat in] food item [pickup] and have it display them that way.

Also, if you use a kds you add a modifier set with ___ underscores. Count lines per item display, then insert those to make combined orders display in seperate columns.

If you send your own, I believe you can make them seperate orders then pay them all as one group also.

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It seems as though we can set order type as curbside…good.

Are we able to set as Counter or Drive thru? What would be the best way to do this? Even if we can pass the information elsewhere in the order details…would prefer a perfect solution but if not…whatever is next best works…ideas?

Currently, only curbside can be configured into the fulfillment. We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slightly_smiling_face: