Server error when buying a subscription

I now have 2 customers who got a “server error” when trying to buy a subscription via the link associated with the subscription plan I created. I tried to buy it myself (as a test) and that worked.
Still,… its very strange that I suddenly have this.
I never had this in last 10 month.
It also looks like I have much less sales in last weeks than before.
So… has something changed with the creditcard checking?

Note I also “deliberately typed the wrong cvv” just to test → that indeed did create a “server error” message but NOT a “wrong credit card info” message as I was expecting.

Please help solving this.
Note: this is seriously hurts my business, I cannot afford to operate long in this state.

:wave: Is this with our Checkout Links? If so what’s the link your customers are using? :slightly_smiling_face:

With checkout links indeed:
[link removed]

I noticed that “zip code” is a new mandatory checkout field. I kind of have the feeling the problems started when that field was introduced.

I was able to replicate and have escalated to the team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, thanks,
Hope this gets priority, this is really costing business.
Note: I removed the link from above post, if you need it back I can put it back or send private message.

As you were able to reproduce:

  • What are the conditions this happens?
  • What is the way to prevent this from happening?

Any update on when this gets solved?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an update on a fix however this happens when payments are declined or incorrect card information was entered. Customers should double check their card information and try to submit payment again. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK thanks. That helps. At least now I can tell people that “server error” in fact means “card declined”.
Still hope it gets fixed soon.

Any update on this?
Yesterday an other 2 clients that could not complete their payments.
This is costing me business!

Checking with the team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any reply from the team?
Looks like I’m loosing an other customer and/or looks like I’m pushed towards PayPal.

For your info:

  • this is in UK
  • looks like some credit cards have this problem, others not

Any progress on this?
Note, As you can see in below screenshot I notice that the default phone-prefix provided in checkout is +1 (US) which strange since my shop is in UK (as you can clearly see the prices in pounds) which has prefix +44

According to this thread:
A/ This has been a huge reason for failed orders in the past underlining my input.
B/ This should have been solved by now; latest reply is from square-bernadattea 3 weeks back

Can you please comment?
Was this indeed solved few weeks back? Is this error re-introduced with some update? Any plans to (re)solve this?