AVS not checked error

Switched from Stripe and using a large pre built food sales platform with plugins for various merchants. We process £250,000 a yr and with Stripe we had the usual fails for CVV error or insufficient funds etc. While Square does process orders/payments, we are seeing a massive increase in ```

On investigating eg, we can see someone trying and tying over and over with the same amount and the payment fails, we notice we get a AVS_NOT_CHECKED status.

Eventually maybe after 6 attempts, they manage to get it to go through and we see


Is this just maybe a slight difference in the way the address is accepted with Square vs Stripe and they are maybe using auto fill which used to be fine with Stripe?

  • Spoken to a few customers and it appears that they got it to work by changing to a different card. I have just put a payment through which was accepted but I used an incorrect address and see the AVS_REJECTED in the payment response.

Any help appreciated.

That sounds like fraudulent activity. Are they trying a small amount each attempt? If so they could be trying random numbers for AVS till they get it to succeed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Def genuine people. We have been in business 5 yrs using Stripe, we switched to Square last week and although 80% of sales go through we have these odd ones that fail, its over £100 a day so we are keen to work out what is going on ! We know most of our customers using our ordering system, some have emailed to say it won’t work, some have actually turned up to show us that they can’t get it to work. It’s something simple I’m sure but I’m stumped as to what it is. Do you want some references to look at and see if you can spot something simple? The AVS not checked message was the only thing that stood out on most of the failed attempts.

Do you have some example payment_ids that failed so we can take a look? :slightly_smiling_face:


All of these payments failed the banks buyer verification. Once that failed there was no reason to check the AVS which is why the response returns AVS_NOT_CHECKED. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for coming back to me, I think the AVS not checked is a bit of a red herring - it seemed to me to be a common theme amongst the declines but I don’t think it is ,

We have hundred of declines, all people we know and we have replicated on our own PC when the customers have come to see us.

Can you check why this one was declined? (we have 20 of these from the last 2 days)

“detail”: “Authorization error: ‘CARD_DECLINED_VERIFICATION_REQUIRED’”,


This one is a customer who used this card yesterday without issue, just trying to narrow this down as we are seeing lots of declines from long term customers. We have enabled debug on our own side to see if we can spot anything going on from out side

Are you passing in a verification_id for all the payments? :slightly_smiling_face:

Not all payments fail but there are lots that do. Payments are passed from this plugin https://www.wp-pizza.com/downloads/wppizza-square-gateway/ we used the stripe plugin for years without issue but now we have intermittent failed payments. Ill check for you but I would assume the answer would be yes as payments do go through.

Customers are the same people using our site for years so they are not suddenly new people.

Sorry, but I dont understand the question.

there’s a
Application ID
Access Token
Location ID

Okay, your using the Checkout API. It looks like it’s the deprecated version of the Checkout API instead of the current supported version of CreatePaymentLink. I’m reaching out to the team about the declines.

I’d recommend reaching out to the developer of the integration and let them know that there is a new version of the Checkout API that they should move to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. Although the dev will update the checkout API we see 80% of sales go through so it must be working in some way! All the declines say the same thing now


Still trying to work out a common theme to the ones that decline so thanks for reaching out to the team RE these declines.

Hey there, I’ve recently encountered the same issue after switching from Stripe to Square. We process a similar annual amount, and while with Stripe we had the typical CVV or insufficient funds errors, we are now experiencing a significant increase in “CARD_DECLINED_VERIFICATION_REQUIRED” errors with Square.

Upon investigating, it seems that after multiple attempts with the same amount, the payment fails with an “AVS_NOT_CHECKED” status. After about 6 attempts, it finally goes through, and we observe an “AVS_ACCEPTED” status. I’m wondering if this is due to a subtle difference in the way Square and Stripe handle address verification, especially if users are using autofill, which worked fine with Stripe.

Interestingly, some customers mentioned resolving the issue by switching to a different card. I also tested a payment with an incorrect address, and it was accepted but showed “AVS_REJECTED” in the payment response. Any insights or help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’m not sure if you are using wppizza or a different product. If you are, we resolved the issue by enabling the Square checkout rather than the “inline” option, although it is not quite as slick it resolved all the declines. We had exactly the same error as you from the same customers who we knew were genuine,