Sandbox testing Wordpress plugin, new account

We have a square account, and an application account setup for sandbox testing.
Using test credit cards to test the plugin, but errors are being thrown.

Is a woo-commerce account neccesary, in addition to the square account that we have?

:wave: What are the errors you are getting? Also are you using our sandbox test values? :slightly_smiling_face:

No I have it set up live, using a real credit card as I didnt want to spend days troubleshooting your sandbox gateway.

I tried uploading screenshots but it doesnt appear that your system is ok with that either :wink:

If your using sandbox you’ll need to use our test values. Real cards aren’t accepted in sandbox. If you’re going to process productions payments with the WordPress integrations but having trouble we recommend that you reach out to WordPress for assistance. Although Square integrates with WordPress to process payments, the integration is operated and managed by WordPress. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just told you that I m not using the sandbox.

I am not using the sandbox

Also, wordpress is functioning well, The payment gateway for square is set up, transactions are not processing. Please dont disregard our support question, bu answering questions we arent asking and shifting problems in other diredtions.

The gateway is setup and active, it just isnt processing.

I dont know how to explain it any clearer

Okay, since payments aren’t woking in production you’ll need to reach out to WordPress to further troubleshoot since all API functions are managed by WordPress. For help with WordPress-specific questions, you’ll need to submit a ticket with their Support team.

The WordPress Customer Support team will be able to help you with all Square integration related questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does a woocommerce account need to be set up to allow square to process transactions?

I’m not sure but I know the WordPress integration uses the WooCommerce plugin.

Can you at least verify that our account is set up on square correctly?

Okay, what’s your application ID? LLC.

That’s not the Square application Id. Do you have that or the email that you use to log in?

Ok I realize now that the only application Id that I have is the one I set up for a sandbox, should I set up another one?

Nope, if you provide that I’ll be able to find the account.

sandbox App ID: sq0idp-sTg-auC4P7soaijESw9G3w

Meant to say, Maybe my efforts are being stifled because I only have a sandbox APP Id. I dont believe Ive configured a standard one if Im even on the right track

Okay, everything looks correct. You have the WooCommerce integration in the App Integrations section of the Dashboard which is the application that’s used to process production payments. All the other applications are for sandbox use only with WordPress. If everything is configured correctly in WordPress and payments are still failing I highly recommend reaching out to them. Everything looks good from the Square side. :slightly_smiling_face: