Proper structure for receiving webhooks when POS register and website?

I am wondering about the proper structure to setup receiving webhooks when we have a website hooked up to square (woocommerce) and also a Square Register in our physical shop…

Should I have separate Applications defined in Square Developer for each and then add the webhook endpoints to the application for the Square Register so that our website gets notified when things are done on the Register?

I’m thinking that would keep from getting webhook events fired when create an order from the website etc such that it would just notify itself of what it had just done?

Separate question: Is there a way to delete old/unused square applications from developer site? I have two old ones that need to go.

You can use your existing application for webhooks. You don’t need to create a new one for them. Also events are scoped to the entire Square account. For example if your subscribed to payments webhooks it won’t matter where its taken online or in person you’ll get an event if a payment is made with the account. :slightly_smiling_face: